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Audiomatic is a platform for writers and storytellers that makes it easy to turn stories, scripts and articles into audiobooks and podcasts using sophisticated speech synthesis.

Intelligent text conversion allows for separate voices for different characters, sound effects and background audio – creating incredible sounding productions in seconds.

Audiomatic is an @AndrewMayne project

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What exactly does Audiomatic do?

Audiomatic converts text from books, scripts, articles and other content into synthesized speech with multiple character voices and makes it easy to add sound effects and background music. Each Audiomatic project creates an MP3 file with a player page and a podcast feed.

Is Audiomatic a replacement for human narrators?

Nope. Nothing beats a great narrator. Audiomatic is intended for the unproduced 99.999% of written content where it’s not practical/economical to have a person narrate.

Can I use real voices with Audiomatic?

Audiomatic allows you to import MP3 audio and also has a voice recording option which allows you to mix different kinds of audio.

What kinds of content does Audiomatic work with?

Audiomatic can convert narrative fiction, scripts, articles and content written specifically for Audiomatic into multi-cast productions.

Who is Audiomatic for?

Writers, playwrights, novelists, screenwriters, hyper-intelligent cats, anybody who wants to create audio from text.

How does the synthetic speech sound?

I’m using the latest Google WaveNet voices, which are pretty good. Audiomatic can also use voices from other services like Amazon Polly and Microsoft Azure. As voice synthesis keeps getting better, Audiomatic will take advantage of the latest technology.

How much will Audiomatic cost?

Audiomatic will be free. There will probably be premium options, but the end goal is to create a platform, which means making it available to as many people as possible.

When will Audiomatic be available?

I’m beta-testing right now. I’ll be adding people to the beta as Audiomatic is able to scale.

Are you hiring?

Right now I’m looking to work with people involved in speech synthesis. If you’re a researcher with an interesting project that’s related to this, let me know. I’m willing to help pay for computing resources (i.e. EC2 instances, etc.)

Who built Audiomatic?

I did (@AndrewMayne). I’m a novelist (I’m a Wall Street Journal best selling author, and Edgar & Thriller Award finalist) and do the occasional television project (You might have seen me on A&E, Discovery Channel, BBC, etc.) When I’m not writing books l like to code and work with new technologies.